What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Correlation Research?


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Correlation research is the method of sampling a population to ascertain a particular activity or to see whether a certain product is a popular one. Correlation is defined as a numerical relationship between two variables, and the research gives an indication as how the two variables affect each other in certain situations.

  • Advantages of correlation research method
There are two ways that correlation research can be carried out. These are using experiments and completing surveys. The advantages of these methods are many and include the fact that a large number of individuals can be researched. Whether carrying out an experiment or completing surveys the number of individuals that can be researched is practically endless. The situation can be artificial and the answers provided will still be relevant using this type of research as the answers given in surveys will simply be the opinions of those surveyed. A survey is easy to complete and many people will take a few minutes out of the day to complete them.

  • Disadvantages of correlation research method
The main danger of this type of research is that the answers may be biased if a particular set of people is surveyed. This can lead to unbalanced answers and results, and the sample may not be a true representation. People who are being surveyed can only answer the questions that are on the survey and they cannot ask any questions about the cause and effect of the subjects being researched. People do not always answer questions truthfully on questionnaires and surveys; they sometimes answer the question in such a way as they feel might be required.

All forms of research have advantages and disadvantages, and one is normally as useful as the others.
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The advantage is, if the causal relation is established between 2 or more variables,it is useful for prediction. If the cause of 1 variable is given, then the effect on the other variable can be predicted and vice versa.
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Hi! I agree with the previous comment. This is true. The advantage of correlation is that it shows a relationship between two or more variables, and the disadvantage is that it cannot prove an actual causal relationship. I recently read a very interesting article on this topic. The article is called correlation against regression I think you should do that, too. I learned a lot of useful information on this topic!

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An advantage is that it shows the relationship between 2 or more variables.
A disadvantage is that it cannot prove an actual cause and effect connection

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