What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Quantitative Research?


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Quantitative research is used to measure the number of people who feel, think and act in particular ways. A quantitative survey is said to include the answers of at least 50 subjects, and questions tend to have a number of responses for people to choose from. These responses are collected, analysed and evaluated to make a decision based on the information given. Advantages of quantitative research are that it allows for a larger study with a higher number of people, and this in turn will generalise results. It also allows for a greater degree of objectivity in that the research involves very few variables and prescribed procedures ensure a reliable set of answers. Another advantage of quantitative research is that it uses standards that can be analysed and compared with other studies of a similar nature, and the procedures make sure that the results are reliable and valid. A personal opinion or bias can be avoided because of the large numbers of people, preferably people unknown to the surveyor, providing the information. Some disadvantages of quantitative research are that the results collected are of a narrow set, and that they are limited because there is very little detail and not much room for people to elaborate if they wanted to do so. The results of quantitative research are said to be "laboratory" as opposed to real world. This is because there is a level of control to the questions. This level of control also means that some people may just agree with the answer that is the closest match to the answer they wanted to give. The development of standard questions can lead to a bias from the researcher as the questions may be intentionally, or unintentionally weighted to favour a particular set of answers.
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Quantitative Research is a type of research in which the data is in the form of numbers and statistics.There are advantages and disadvantages in this type of research;


The Objectivity,since this type of research is numerical so they can not be easily misinterpreted.

This research gives chance of using statistics which is essential to understand a huge characteristics of a data.

The data in this research can be fastly analyzed in a easy way.

Dis advantages

The main disadvantages of this research is it needs a huge population.

Another disadvantage is using of this type of research needs huge amount of money.

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