What Is The Temperature In Gran Canaria?


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The Gran Canaria has a tropical climate, which means that it's hot; fifty weeks of the year are sunny. On hot days forty degrees Celsius is not uncommon. The average temperatures during the hotter months of July and August however, hover around thirty five degrees Celsius.

Average temperatures and average maximum temperatures are for January 21º and 23º Celsius, February 22º and 24º Celsius, March 22º and 25º Celsius, April 23º and 27º Celsius, May 23º and 30º Celsius, June 25º and 32º Celsius, July 26º and 35º Celsius, August 27º and 35º Celsius, September 26º and 32º Celsius, October 25º and 30º Celsius, November 24º and 27º Celsius and December 22º and 26º Celsius respectively. The average maximum temperatures relate to day time temperatures on the beaches.

Rains come every year in January and soak up the island. The northern parts are 5-10º Celsius cooler than the south. Average night time temperatures fluctuate between 15-25º Celsius the year round depending on the season.

Gran Canaria is the largest of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. They lie more than two hundred kilometres to the west of the north-west of the African coast. The island of Gran Canaria is Spanish.

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