What Is The Weather Like In Costa Del Sol In April?


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Costa Del Sol is located in Spain. It is well-known for its mild weather. The maximum average air temperature in the month of April is approximately 22 degrees Centigrade and the maximum average sea temperature in the month of April is approximately 19 degrees Centigrade. Costa del Sol derives a part of its name (Sol) from the word sol, which means the Sun. It is known for its microclimatic conditions, as it is sheltered by the surrounding high mountains and hills in the area. Costa del Sol is an ideal holiday destination at any time of the year. It enjoys bright sunshine for more than 320 days of the year. It receives very little rainfall, and so it is a relatively warm and nearly dry place. The sun is at its hottest during the five months between May and September. During these months, the average temperature does not fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are mild, and the average winter temperature is about 20 degrees Centigrade. At night, the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees Centigrade.

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