Where Is Deepcut Barracks?


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Deepcut Barracks officially known as Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut or Blacksdown Barracks, basically is a British Army barrack located near Camberly, Surrey in England. It is also the head office of the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC). Initially the barracks use to be the head office for the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, until the development of RLC in the year 1993.

The Administrative office of The Directorate Royal Logistic Corps is situated in Dettingen House. The barracks is also the home for School of logistics, which undertakes the task of training officers and soldiers of the RLC in various logistic skills.

On the basis of news reports, many mysterious deaths have taken place amongst the soldiers of the barrack. The investigation reports submitted by the Surrey police state that they were suicides, which the families of the soldiers find hard to believe, and have constantly asked for a public inquiry.

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