Where Is Scumthorp?


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Scumthorp is another name for the town of Scunthorpe, as are Escumetorp (as it was called in the Doomsday Book of 1086), Scumetorp, Scummptrop and Scumthorp. It derives its name from the Old Norse name of the town, Escumetorp, which means Skuma's village.

It was formerly located in the county of Lincolnshire in England. It is currently the administrative centre of the district of North Lincolnshire. North Lincolnshire now has the status of a unitary authority. The town of Scunthorpe is located in the district of North Lincolnshire in the region of Yorkshire and the Humber Region.

The nickname of the town is Scunny, and the town of Scunthorpe has also earned itself the sobriquet of Industrial Garden Town. The town of Scunthorpe is currently estimated to have a population of about 72, 660 inhabitants. The town of Scunthorpe is situated at the terminus of the M181 motorway, which links the town of Scunthorpe to the M180 motorway.

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