What Is The Prognosis Of Basal Cell Carcinoma?


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Basal cell carcinoma is skin cancer which is slow growing. Basal cell carcinoma is non-melanoma type of skin cancer which is more common. Its major cause is exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiations. This cancer does not spread to other organs. Prognosis of basal cell carcinoma is good with 1% chance of recurrence after Mohs surgery and 10% after other treatments.
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I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose. It just looked like a small pimple. I had Mohs surgery 2 weeks later. They took off about the size of a quarter and the depth of 2 quarters on my nose. (I have a small nose)They say it is slow growing but I don't believe that. But the prognosis is great like the previous respondent said. I am just grateful that I still have a nose. You can still see my scars 3 years later, but I don't care because I still have a nose and the cancer is gone.

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