What's The Climate Like In The Sahara?


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Sahara is well-known as the world's largest desert. It is characterized by hot and dry climate. It is embraced by Atlantic Ocean on its west, Atlas Mountains and Mediterranean Sea on North, Red Sea and Egypt on its east, and Sudan and River Niger Valley on its south.

The Saharan climate has shown large fluctuations ranging from wet to completely dry for the last thousands of years. This desert extended the further than its current boundaries and occupied a much larger area during the ice age. After the ice age and during the period from 8000 BCE to 6000 BCE, Sahara experienced monsoons. The disappearance of ice sheets led to dry conditions in the northern Sahara. The monsoon extended toward the north of Sahara. This caused monsoons in all parts of Sahara, the south as well as the north. Heating or solar isolation brings rain and thus, Sahara desert received more rain when it experienced very high temperatures. Currently, the climate of Sahara is dry.

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