What Is The Climate Like In Africa?


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Africa is a continent. Not a country. Therefore you can't just generalize. Countries close to the equator get very hot in June/July, and have very rainy periods at the start and end of the year. Further down in the southern hemisphere (let's use South Africans as an example) South Africans will experience a "winter" when countries in the northern hemisphere are experiencing summer. This "winter" means the weather is almost always rainy, cold and foggy. In November/December/January they have their summer.

West African countries have by far the harshest climate. Very, very hot and humid almost all year round. The East African country Rwanda is quite close to the Equator but has a very high altitude. Because of this, Rwanda has IMO the BEST climate in the world. It's never too hot or too cold, and mornings are usually cool and sunny. The country is also spared horrible weather i.e hurricanes, thunderstorms, etc.

Anyway, the myth that Africa is a hot, muggy and dusty landscape is one associated with people that have never set foot on the continent. Africa has such a wide variety of climates, ranging from harsh desert conditions to sub tropical and equatorial ones, that it's impossible to really generalize. Take it from someone who actually LIVES there.
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Africa is very hot and humid but it depends where you are because in some places it has to be wet and muddy for the animals that live in that type of habitat for ex:a pig lives in a muddy area/habitat
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The continent of Africa is the second-largest and the second most populated continent in the world after Asia. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea towards the north; the Suez Canal and the Red Sea are located around the northeast, the Indian Ocean is towards the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean is towards the west.

The African climate varies from the Tropical to Subarctic. The northern region is mainly desert region and the land found here is infertile, rainforest and savanna plains are situated in the southern and central region.

Africa has been the oldest colonized region on earth, in the twentieth century anthropologist found many human fossils which dated back to seven million years. Though there no evidence or record but theorist believe that by 130,000 BC most of Africa's population stayed in the Sahara as it had fertile land and was crossed by many rivers.
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Haha you actually believe 7 million years??
Whatever, your life your wasting, not mine.
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Africa is areally hot and humid place but it most diffently matter were you  are because were you are rather your in north or south because were ever you r it is ethier hot or wetter

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