What Is The Climate Like In Gambia?


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The Gambia is a tiny costal country in Western Africa, surrounded on three sides by Senegal and with the Atlantic Ocean to the West. The Gambia lies between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. It has a very tiny coastal strip.

The Gambia is supposed to have the best weather in Africa with constant sunshine all year round, even during the rainy seasons there are sunny spells during the day.

Though Gambia is warm, the year round it has a rainy season that lasts for four months of the year from July to October. The precipitation is highest in August, nearly 500 mm.

Temperatures rarely fluctuate to a great extent, maximum temperatures hover around 30º Celsius but the months between March and June are relatively warmer. Minimum temperatures in the Gambia throughout the year are between 15-20º Celsius.

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