How does effective communication affects all aspects of your own work?


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Effective communication is essential in a workplace if the company wants to succeed. When we usually think of communication we usually just assume it is talking to each other, but this is not the case. Even when you are not talking you are communicating with someone because the way you behave is also a type of communication.

Effective communication drives work places and affects all aspects because without it the company or business would not work as well. Effective communication brings respect between boss and employees, confirmation of where everyone stands and a sense of belonging and trust. When companies fail, a lot of the time this can often be traced back to poor communication within the business. This may be because approximately 75 per cent of your time at work is spent communicating, if not more, so the way in which everyone communicates is vital to keep the company running and successful.

In order for effective communication to work, it has to be a two way effort, both from the boss and their workers. This is because if your boss is more open and talks to you more about what is going on, even just about everyday things, then the employees are more likely to respect and trust them, thus the work place will be more positive with its communication.

However, it isn’t all about what you say it also about what you say. When someone is talking to you in the workplace they won’t just listen to the words they will note your stance, your facial expressions, any hand gestures, and they won’t necessarily do this consciously. So, if you are saying something positive then look positive, it will mean more if you do. Effective communication is the key to a successful work place.
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By trying to define communication with such a simplistic gimmick really short changes the the importance of developing effective communication skills. There is a considerable amount to understand and evaluate when deciding how to improve communication skills and it can't be summed up in just four words. Strong communication comes when both the sender and receiver of information are emphasizing communication skills, both at home and in the workplace.
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Every aspect of my job is improved by effective communication, and the same could be said of many jobs. As my job is all about using words, of course this is true for me - but in all jobs you have to deal with people, you have to give and/or receive instructions that need to be clear, and you ahve to clarify your goals and needs all the time in almost any  job - even if it's as simple as just deciding what to do next.
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Effective communication always includes two key items: Active listening and speaking. Both have to occur to ensure effective communication.

Understanding communication types, body language, attitudes, emphasis and context are all important attributes also.

You can speak to two people at the same time, yet come up with two interpretations of the instructions/comments.

"Honey, I'm home!" Terry stated with excitement as he entered the apartment door.
"Hey baby, I love you!" his wife responds while handing him a cold ice tea.

The tone, facial expression...all those contribute to effective communication.

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