What's The Weather Like In Wales?


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Wales gets pretty much every type of weather throughout the year. The last few years, Easter time has been the sunniest time of the year, with lots of rain between July and October. It has also snowed heavily in the winter time.
Temperatures usually don't get above 20-25C (although it can reach over 30C on very hot days) in the summer, and can dip into the minuses (celsius) during the winter. Rural areas have recorded temps of -20C on a cold night.
The main thing about the weather in Wales though, is that it's unpredictable. You can have rain, snow, hail, sunshine and gale-force winds all within the space of a few hours if you're lucky (unlucky?) enough.
The north is more mountainous, and is usually slightly colder and rainier than the south. The south-west coast gets the brutal Atlantic winds. Great for surfing.
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Being a mountainous area on the Western coast of Great Britain it is in the path of the Gulf Stream which apart from bringing warm air to the region it also brings a lot of rainfall to the mountainous regions.Generally cooler than the east coast of England in the summer but milder in the winter.
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Put every type of weather in a bag and give it a good shake then pull the weather out for the day. We really have had everything this year in wales.
Back in november-late january we had snow off and on, sometme snowing us in for upto three days... Then we had loads of rain (even though we were put on drought warning !!!) it was freezing the start of september, then on the first weekend of octorber 2011 (this year) we had the hottest day of the year ,a week and a bit on we're being told snow might be on it's way this weekend.
So like I said a big mixed bag, we have however had two tornados this year !!!
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Depending on the season... Right now it would be rainy and a lil cold

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