What Are? The Nature And Importance Of Oral Communication


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Speech is the oral form of communication. Without the oral form of communication, the companies cannot interact with their customers and workers.
1. Importance of oral communication inside a company: The worker especially needs to have well-defined form of communication skills to convey a message effectively. Without this type of communication, an employee can neither speak to his superiors properly, nor he would be able to speak to his juniors, thus giving rise to miscommunications. This might even effect the productivity of the company.
2. Importance of oral communication Customer service: In customer service, an employee is expected to listen to the customer queries and answer the customer accordingly, ina convincing manner. If an employee lacks communication skills, then the company might lose the customer.
3. Importance of oral communication in Technical field: Sometimes technical knowledge must be translated into layman’s terms in a company. This is only possible when the person has good oral communication skills. For instance, if a company wants to buy a new product, or if a company makes a new product, then it has to convey the message about the product to the salesmen. The salesmen may not be interested in the working of the product; instead, they are more keen in the benefits that the product is expected to give. In such a case, the engineers are expected to have good oral communication skills so that they deliver the right message from the layman point of view to the salesmen, without getting into too many technical details.
4. Importance of oral communication while communicating ideas: A person might have an idea. But if he is not able to express the ideas effectively to his colleagues or other people, then that idea becomes useless.
The back-bone of oral communication is the language and the proper verbal exchanges. To speak in a manner that has an impact on the audience, the speaker must
• have command over the language
• make sure that the quality of speech is good
• the messages in the speech should be effective
• use words such that the audience does not lose interest
• be humorous at times
• use words that win over the minds of the audience
• never use offensive words
• make sure that the speech delivers the message to the audience that the speaker has the knowledge about the topic
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Oral communications are the easiest way of communicating with each other and understanding any point being made

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