What is agriculture and fishery arts?


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  • Agriculture
Agriculture is the cultivation of animals, fungi and plants, as well as other life forms that are used for the sake of food and fiber, as well as other kinds of products that are used to maintain life. Agriculture was actually the key implementation during the rise of the sedentary human society. It was during this time that farming of domesticated species began to create food surpluses that were able to push forward the development of mankind and civilization.

Agriculture, like fishing, can be seen as an art. Furthermore, the study of agriculture is actually a science, known as agricultural science. Agriculture can be observed in particular species of ant and termite, amazingly, but generally the term will actually only be referring to human activity.

  • Fishery
A fishery is usually just an entity that is engaged in raising and then harvesting fish. It is essentially just another form of agriculture, but involves very different means of raising and harvesting the livestock. The process of doing this is obviously fishing.

The FAO says that a fishery can be typically defined in the terms of the people that are involved, the species or kind of fish, and whether it is an area of water or a seabed. The method of fishing, the class of the boats and the purpose of the activities that take place all combine to create the characteristics of a fishery.

The region can also be a huge part of the characteristics of a fishery.

Fisheries can involve either the capture of wild fish, as is done in boats in the ocean, or through raising fish using fish farming or aquaculture methods. More than half a million people within developing countries depend on fisheries and aquaculture to live and make a living.

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