How does soda effect plant growth?


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Using soda pop to water a plant is a bad idea, because flavored sodas
are loaded with sugar. The plant can't use the sugar: It makes what
sugar it needs itself, through photosynthesis. The sugar thus stays in
the soil next to the plant, where it can interfere with the plant's
ability to absorb water from the soil. Sugar residues can also
encourage the growth of bacteria or fungi, as well as attract insects
like ants.
Diet sodas don't have the problem-causing sugar of soda pop, but they
don't really provide any significant nutrients to the plant, either. If
you dump the dregs of your diet soda onto the nearest potted plant, you
won't harm it, but you're not doing it any good.

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Because soda has enough vitamin and mineral, and it is riched of NaoH, so plants can be grow well with liquid soda.
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I am doing a project like that! So far, the soda is making the plant stay alive just as well as the water. No big diff. Is it your project? Oh man you better not be in my class maybe we may have the same project that will be bad!

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