How Long Is The River Thames?


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The length of the River Thames is three hundred and forty-six kilometres and in terms of miles the figure you will find to be two hundred and fifteen. When you delve into other description of the river Thames you will find that the river flows though the southern part of England and considered as among the major waterways that are present in England. The source of the river is in Kemble and her mouth is in North Sea.

The significance of the river increases manifold because on her way, she touches several important cities and towns of importance and they include London, Windsor, Oxford and Reading. The river is considered as so important that a few other places also derive their name from this very river and the names include Thames Valley and Thames Gateway.
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The Thames river is basically a renown river of England. It flows through central London and is featured as a popular landmark of London.

The source of this river is Thames Head in Gloucestershire. It has a length of 346 kilometers or 215 miles. The average discharge of this river is 2324 cubic feet per second. Which makes it the second largest river of England and the longest river of England.
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215 miles

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