Evaluate strategies used in health & social care environment barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interaction?


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This sounds like a question from an educational establishment. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is talk to your tutor or look in your textbook. Given that you will be studying a specialist area, you will no doubt be provided with the very best information in regards to this by your textbooks and the people that teach you.

Barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interaction are incredibly common, however. Communication barriers can prove a huge issue in many areas, as they have the ability of making it difficult for people to get messages across and share ideas, and it will be challenging to understand what other people mean. Some of the most common barriers are mentioned below.

Physical barriers can be the difference in territories, people separated from each other by geographical definition, and closed doors. These barriers can make it difficult in an organization or any other place to get to know one another, become comfortable with one another, and communicate within a free and easy manner.

Perception can be a problem, too. Everybody will have their own views about how things should work, and the state things may be in. Hence, understanding and thinking different things to other people can be a barrier. People need to understand that these differences must be communicated properly for any solution to arise.

Culture can be a problem, as it actually determines the behavioral patterns of people, and varying cultures can be a barrier to effective communication in any kind of work place or organization.

Language is the final barrier, given that people simply cannot communicate in many circumstances. Not speaking the same language means that no kind of communication is going to occur at all without translators.
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