What Are The Common Characteristics Of Chemist?


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There are many characteristics that are necessary to make a good Chemist. The list below explains in brief the characteristic and why it is important:

  • Investigative - An inquiring mind is essential for a Chemist. This trait prompts the questioning of conventional thinking and allows for discovery of new facts, theories and methods.
  • Analytical - The ability to be able to lay out all the data collected and make clear and informed decisions based on that information.
  • Impartiality - It is vital that any preconceptions and assumptions are left at the door of the laboratory. A biased Chemist is a bad Chemist, and as such he or she is likely to discard data that does not fit with their personal perceptions and prejudices. While prediction and presumption are an important part of Chemistry, it is important that any findings are not skewed by the initial hypothesis.
  • Initiative - This can be the capability of being able to work alone, without supervision or allowing some wiggle room for personal intuition, after all it is said that the vast majority of discoveries are come upon by total chance
  • Patience - It is important to realize that experimental studies can take years to come to fruition, so having the staying power and being able to endure disappointment are vital attributes for a Chemist to possess.
Having other aptitudes and abilities may be advantageous in the field of Chemistry; these skills would include:

  • Mathematics - Chemists need to be able to take measurements, such as mass, volume, pressure and temperature among others.
  • Communication - Being able to offer concise eloquent explanations, as well as deliver clear instructions either verbally or written will avoid confusion and optimize performance of the team.
  • Comprehension - On the other side of communication is listening and reading, it is vital that a Chemist can accurately follow as well as direct experiments.
  • Affable - An Ability to get on with superiors, subordinates and peers is a fantastic skill to have in any walk of life, Chemistry is no exception.

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