What are the established forms of communication?


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The most established and commonly used forms of communication are letters, announcements, notices, memos, campaigns and many more. These forms of communication are vital especially in many businesses.

Communication plays an important role in the success of an organization or business. It is needed in the dissemination of information especially in the following cases:

  • Meetings

There's no way for an employer to call everyone of his or her employee one by one just to inform them of an important meeting scheduled within a specific period of time. Instead of informing everybody personally, the boss will simply write a letter addressed to the people or departments concerned.

  • Updates

If there are changes within the organization or company where you belong, communication is the key towards updating everybody. Whether through writing or orally, it's a must for every company to keep their employees updates especially with the latest happenings that can affect their work.

  • Notices

It's hard to let go of an employee especially if you do it face to face. There's no easier way to lighten the blow of having to warn an employee regarding his or her performance. Worse, it's a lot harder if you have to fire that person personally. So instead of saying it head on, many employers find it easier to send notices. These forms of communication have some privacy into it and it's not for everybody's eyes and ears.

It's a must for everybody especially in the corporate industry to familiarize themselves with the different forms of communication and learn how to write or say them. You can avoid being misunderstood by others if you know how to communicate with people around you. Not only that but you also learn how to understand others as well.

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