What Are The Forms Of Non Verbal Communication?


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Various forms of non-verbal communication are as follows:
1. Body language: The term 'kinesics' means the study of body language. Body language or kinesics behavior is the most widely recognized form of non-verbal communication. Body movements convey messages to those who observe carefully. Body language may accompany, modify or even substitute for verbal actions.
2. General appearance: The general appearance of an individual often provides clues to his social status, lifestyle, and economic background. It also gives an idea regarding the emotional state of the person.
3. Physical touch: Physical touch is also important in non-verbal communication. In some circumstances, it is difficult to express feelings in words and touch proves more effective. For example, an arm around the shoulders of a grieved relative or friend can be solace and releases tension.
4. Environmental messages: We can get an idea from houses, furniture, and other things which people are surrounded with. For example, a well decorated environment can communicate delight.
5. Time: The time factor also plays a role in communication. If an individual is always late in his commitments, he conveys much regarding his personality. In the same way, a person in a hurry can provide some information that he has a commitment some where else.
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We can use good verbal communication in our daily life when we are talking to our colleagues and friends. Non verbal communication is very important for the business as well. Your non verbal communication is important when you are addressing any meeting or you are taking any interview on the television so in this communication your body language is more important than your word. The audience does not remember only your words but also your gesture and poses. So many people usually make mistakes on television interviews and conferences.

One should not use any of the body language in the meetings and conferences which look weird according to situation. There are many problems shown by the participants at different levels; some show tight facial expressions, sometimes they sit with cross legs, and sometimes they bend their arms on chest and most of them faced the problems of eye contact. The best way is just relax your body so that any expression which you show during talk does not look bad to the audience. Especially in case of the television interview eye contact is very important and secondly try to look in front of camera; consider that this is the person to whom you are talking.
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Communication could be defined as.
The transfer of information, ideas or attitude from one person to another. The person who is transferring information is source and the person who is receiving information is receiver.This process is called communication.
In this process three things are important source, receiver and message other wise there will be no communication.
Source  Message  Receiver.The transfer of information, ideas, attitude or knowledge from one place to another whether by the use of signals, signs, symbols or by words (spoken or written) will be called communication.

We can define non verbal communication as conveying messages with your gesture, posture, body language and facial expressions etc without saying words to other people.
Now we will focus on non verbal communication in this first we will not involve persons to convey message, letter could be its example. In this source is conveying its message successfully to receiver without saying anything.

In our second example, when we say word PAIN it is not showing the intensity of this feeling, and same thing with word HAPPY. By just saying I am happy wont show, how happy you are.Only our body language will show the intensity of emotion or feeling. When we are in pain, we will convey our message through facial expression.
When we are happy we will show its intensity by jumping, smiling, laughing etc.

We have different feeling for different people, in different situations and our reaction will be different as well. If we don't like anyone we will show our feeling by not talking to that person, looking at him with anger, lines on forehead etc.

Only word will not convey message without our body movement it will be meaning less if one person is saying, I love you. Without any facial expression and without any body language, message will not be conveyed properly, But only hugging will convey your message of love.

One action in one society will have different meaning but in different society it will convey different message. One action in a society will be good but it will convey a bad message in different society.

In short non verbal communication is very powerful can convey a lot of messages with out verbal communication but sometimes verbal communication is meaningless with non-verbal communication, our gesture, posture and facial expression convey a lot of messages.

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