What are some facts about Ethanol? (Biomass)


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Ethanol is the purest form of alcohol; derived from grain, ethanol is the sort of alcohol you will find in vodka, whiskey, and other spirits. In fact, ethanol will always be ingested when you drink any alcoholic beverage. In moderation, drinking ethanol can be relatively harmless; however, in excessive doses, the ingestion of this pure alcohol can cause alcoholism, liver problems, DT's (tremors suffered by long-time alcoholics when they needs another drink), and other health problems. Ethanol also has industrial purposes, and it can be found in certain types of solvents and mechanisms (such as thermometers). Ethanol will catch fire easily, and it can be dangerous due to its severe flammability.

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Drinking alcohol (ethanol) will act on the brain, producing feelings of euphoria or relaxation. Ethanol, or alcohol, is also responsible for feelings of outright intoxication. People who drive drunk can't control a car properly or safely, because the ethanol in their bodies is affecting them in a psychoactive sense. Alcohol will cause slowed reflexes, impaired reactions to situations, and, in some cases, violent or unwise behaviour.

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Examples of famous alcoholics who paid the ultimate price for their addiction to ethanol (and other substances) include jazz diva Amy Winehouse, and AC/DC's original frontman, Bon Scott, who (in the ultimate rock'n'roll cliché) partied too hard and choked to death on his own vomit.

Since alcohol can make a person pass out or black out, it presents certain dangers. People who abuse alcohol may suffer from severe hangovers, and a melancholic state that is caused by the depressive effects of alcohol on the human brain.

Ethanol may also be known as ethyl alcohol, and it is a clear substance that has no noticeable odor. Alcohol, fermented from glucose or other sugars, has been consumed for centuries, and it is still prized as part of a billion-dollar alcoholic beverage industry.

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