There Are More Atoms In A Drop Of Water Than There Are Drops Of Water In All The Worlds Oceans. Is It True Or False?


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I have heard that the actual answer is closer to: There are more molecules of water in a heaped teaaspoon of water than there are teaspoons of water in all the oceans..... (yes I know you cannot have a heaped spoon of water, but I am sure you get the picture)

If I recall, it was part of the 'Material World' programme on Radio 4
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That is false, its exaggerated, but there is a similar statement that says:
There are more atoms in a tea spoon of water, than there are tea spoons of water in the Atlantic Ocean.
Although obviously I haven't tested it...but apparently that is a true statement.
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Your statement is false. This is a tentative explanation.
Water is H2O which means that water as we know it has only 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Therefore water has only three molecules, in order to have even an approximate no. Of water molecules in the oceans of the world I would have to know the number of liters of water in all the worlds oceans and then convert that no. With Avogodros number to the approximate no. Of atoms in the ocean.
This is a very typical chemistry problem on a much larger scale.

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