What are fold mountains (Himalayas)?


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The Fold Mountains in the Himalayas are believed to have been formed in the late Cretaceous-Tertiary Period around 70 million years ago. They are known as 'fold' mountains as they look like they are being folded together like an accordion.

• The folds in the mountains are becoming more and more elevated each day with them moving closer together every day. This means the shape and appearance of the mountains will continue to change for many years to come as long as the tectonic plates around them continue to move.

• They were formed by the collision of the tectonic plates of Asia and India/Australia colliding together. When the plates push together and then collide, this causes the mountains to change shape and take the appearance of having folds as the plates continue to grind against the mountain range.

• They look like the mountains have been pushed together like a spring causing some ridges and parts of the mountain to rise up above other parts.

• Although the Himalayan Fold Mountains were formed around 70 million years ago, that is still considered to be quite young compared to other mountain ranges. For example, the Appalachian Fold Mountains are said to be around 300 million years old. As they have been around for much longer than the Fold Mountains in the Himalayas, they have actually eroded causing them to shrink by almost 10,000 feet in height since they were originally formed.

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