Where Are The Himalayas?


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The Himalayas is a chain of snow-clad mountain ranges located in the Indian sub continent. Himalaya – the word is taken from ancient Sanskrit which actually means 'The Abode of Snow'.

The Himalayas actually separate the Indian Sub Continent and the Tibetan Plateau. The mountain range of Himalaya is the highest in the planet. Himalayas is the home to all the highest fourteen peaks in the world. The Himalayan mountain range stretches across six nations which include: Pakistan, Afghanistan, China Nepal, Bhutan and India.

The snowy mountains are also a major source of water for three very important rivers; namely the Ganga-Brahmaputra Basin, the Indus Basin and the Yangtze Basin. It is estimated that roughly around 800 million people live in the vicinity of the Watershed areas of the Himalayan Rivers; Bangladesh is also included in these areas.
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