How many sense organs do human have?


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There are many senses in the body, which all have a part to play in our general sense of being. The "five main senses", which are actually the External senses are:

Sight (eyes)
Hearing (ears)
Smell/Taste (chemical receptors in nose and on tongue)
Touch (nerve endings in skin)
Temperature (nerve endings in skin)

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A question before this article starts. How many senses do we have? If you say five, it is wrong. In fact, we have more than five of us. In this article we will find About them. And how they help us during our normal work.


This sense is in the centre of our ear. There are many of the benefits Seeing them your hand on a dark night. This can be observed when you enter the theatre. Once entered the theatre Or in the dark darkness, the vision will become blind for some time. Then the vision will come. This vision is not available through your eyes. Your nose.

Imagine your predefined objects with your nose and Proprioception sensor. That's why you can see at night. And with this sensor, your nose feels where your body's parts are. Where are the parts of your foot and head? You can touch without seeing. It also helps to balance your body. This means that if you do not have this sense. You can not stand up and walk.

Tension sensors.

This sensation causes you pain. Pain in our body is a sign of danger and pain. That means The pain made you to attention yourself. Your body is hurt. Take care of it and fix it How is the pain? Muscles in the area of injury to your body. This is the sensor. Tightly ticks between the strains and causes pain. If you do not have this sense you can not feel pain. This may be due to your death

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