What Is The Volcano's Name In Italy?


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Italy is an active volcanic country. Following are the names of many volcanoes in Italy, Most of them are extinct and some are active. The names are:
Alicudi, Campi Flegrei Mar Sicilia, Colli Albani, Monte Albano, Mount Etna, Filicudi, Ischia, Larderello, Linosa, Ustica, Montecristo, Mount Vesuvius, Vulcano, Vulcanello, Vulsini, Monte Vulture, Lipari, Panarea, Pantelleria, Amiata, Campi Flegrei, Roccamonfina, Salina, Stromboli.
From above mentioned Volcanoes, Mount Versuvius is the only one which erupted in last 1944 and is considered an active volcano which isn't erupting now. Apart from that Mount Etna and Stromboli are also considered active volcanoes. Also See Mount Versuvius Picture and Stromboli picture.

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