How Does Pollution Varieties Affect A Plant's Health?


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Due to the exposure of plants to harmful gasses and pollutants in the air, their stomata movements are effected. It can clog the stomata and also harmful gases like nitrogen and sulfur can enter the pant’s system and that result in disturbance of photosynthesis. If the plants absorb slightly acidic polluted water of acid rain then the acidic water can wash away the minerals from the plant. The polluted water can also cause the dissociation of aluminum ions form the soil that can enter the plant and cause aluminum levels to be high in the plant which is very harmful. Plants are very much affected by the air and water pollution levels and this is the reason why plants do not grow well in highly populated urbanized centers. Oil is more harmful because it is thick and it can clog the plant stomata thus reducing its ability to absorb nutrients and water.
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Not only a plants can destroy by that air pollution it can also affect our health in many ways with both short-term and long-term effects.
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It effects plants growth because it clogs the stomata. The stomata is part of the plants growth which chages over time. If the effects of pollutants change then the plant mite have a hange to change its health.

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