Where Is Demerara?


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Demerara, originally a Dutch colony, belongs to one of the three countries of Guyana and it is situated at the mouth of the river of same name (Demerara River). Demirara River flows in east Guyana through central rainforests for 346 kilometers long and ends at Atlantic Ocean. Demerara and Essuquibo, one of the three countries of Guyana, was formally surrendered to Britain by the Netherlands on 20 November 1815 and Demerara became a British outpost finally on 21 July 1831 when Demerara and Essuquibo became united with Berbice as British Guiana. The main town of Demerara is Georgetown. It is in the coast of Atlantic Ocean.

Demerara sugar is as famous in its name as it is originally produced in the colony of Demerara.

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