Where Is Illulisat?


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The word Illulisat means "the icebergs". Illussat is a beautiful town near Sisimiut in Greenland. It is located to the north-east of Sisimiut and to the north of Kangerlussuaq. The capital Nuuk is further south than both these cities. Greenland is a territory belonging to Denmark in the north-west Atlantic Ocean.

Illulisat is quiet a famous place for dog sledding since the citizens here are joined by around 6,000 sled dogs. The town has a population of around four thousand.
The peak season to visit Illulisat is March to April when watching the flickering northern lights across the sky is a truly marvelous experience.

Even though the northern lights should be reason enough to visit the town there are several other reasons to be here including boat trips to view the enormous icebergs, helicopter sightseeing trips and trips to the surrounding settlements.

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