How Does Internet Contribute To The Moral Degradation Of Society?


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Morality is completely subjective. What is acceptable today may be wrong tommorow and vice versa.  Eg. Slavery was acceptable long ago but is wrong today also homosexuality was wrong long ago but is acceptable today. Just because someones morals, beliefs and choices are different from yours doesnot mean that they are inferior . Morality(social and individual)  NEVER degrades, it only changes . Simply because there is no reason why one point of view is superior to another and most of the given reasons are simply ridiculous.

people should not watch porn because it is immoral.
But why is it immoral ?
Because it will cause more people to watch porn which they should not do.

Note how the both statements are linked in a way to justify one another without answering the main question.

Certain morals need to be enforced like not hurting anyone or not stealing .but if moral beliefs don't force harm on people physically or emotionally then there is nothing wrong with them. You should only follow those morals which make your life more enjoyable whether they are accepted or not . As for society , people no matter how conservative will always change their point of view if you give them a good reason why they should . Remember , moral standards have been changing since the dawn of civilization .
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The internet exposes you to seemingly vast numbers of people who have moral standards different from yours. This can tend to make you believe that the moral level you see is "normal" and you need do no better. It also allows you access to degrading material that you might not otherwise ever run across in your life. Further, the pressure to conform to a certain moral standard tends to be reduced from what you face in a live group of responsible, caring people.

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