How Many Cc Make Up A Milligram?


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You haven't provided enough info.  The medication must be labeled with more info or you should return it for proper labeling.
A cc is a unit of volume measurement.
A milligram is a unit of mass measurement
They are related by density.  Typical units of density are g/cc or similar.  Water has a density of about 1 g/cc (depending on temperature, purity, etc).  It seems doubtful that the medication you have would have a relationship of cc to milligrams - If it had a density of about the same as water, 2 cc would be 2000 milligrams.
Sometimes quantities are reported by concentration.  Concentration is the amount of a substance that is dispersed in some other substance.  Concentration units could be PPM, %, grams/liter, etc.  The medication probably has info on a label that says something like 3% solution or 15-mg/ml.  Someone needs to do math to figure out how many cc to inject.
If you are not entirely sure about this, ask your pharmacist, physician, or nurse for clear specific instructions.
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You're talking apples and oranges. A "CC" is a Cubic Centimeter, a measure of volume only. A Milligram is one thousandth of a gram - a measure of weight. Milligrams are generally used in medicine to specify the amount of a drug in a certain volume of carrier, liquid or dry. For instance, a drug might be 10 milligrams per millimeter. You will need to check with your pharmacist or chemist to determine to proper dosage for your particular medication.
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I have 1/2cc syringes and need to inject 1ml, does this mean to fill 2 syringes

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