How Do You Measure Energy Savings?


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I pay for natural gas for cooking and heating, electric for my lights and televisions etc....
Because of crap windows in my place I am getting around a 600 dollar bill per month. 4 or more for heating gas.
I recently took the step of sealing all frames with some sort of glue, looks like junk but the landlord is an idiot so who cares..... I got it from 400 some bucks down to 123 this month. And we are just as comfortable as ever.
This last year compared to the previous, I have saved close to a grand
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Take a meter reading,and after a week,check it.Now take a meter reading after you switch everything off at your electric sockets at'll be surprised at what you save.( after another week of course )
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Its measured in kw/h for hydro
kilowatts for hydro
kp/h in gas
kilopascals in gas
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Most individuals measure by the amount of fuel or electricity they use. For larger measurements, there are probably ways to measure the output in terms of heat or something like that.
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Is It Kilowatts? If The Power Gets Shut Off For Non Payment. You Haven't Saved Enough.. You Have To Do Stuff To Save Funds.. Like Caulk Windows. Insulation

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