Is It Possible To Get 100% Grants For Erecting Windmills For Renewable Energy Sources For Private Dwelling Houses?


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Julii Brainard answered
No.  Not in December 2006, anyway.

They're called wind turbines, by the way, not "windmills".  Because they are effectively little motors (turbines) that generate electricity.  Not wind energy for the purposes of milling grain.

You can probably get a grant for up to about 30% of the cost of getting a wind turbine, however.  The rules get a bit complicated so you need to research yourself for your area.  Start by trawling through the Energy Savings Trust website.  They will have lots of info there about the grants that are available in your area, not just to cover the cost of a wind turbine but for other energy saving measures.

Which is relevant, because one basic stipulation to get a grant to help with the cost of the wind turbine, is that you must already have several energy-saving measures done to your house.  Like, cavity walls filled, mostly low wattage light bulbs, loft insulation to a depth of 250 mm, etc.

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