How Did The Universe Come To Be?


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Well, first of all a mummy Universe and a daddy Universe loved each other very much, and they had a Big Bang.
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Michael Crazedpsyc
Very nicely put Madmacstew! Ya the most popular story is something like: At first there was nothing. Then Something grew out of the nothing to fill it (big bang). Then dust was formed, which twirled into galaxies. There the dust became stars. Next sparks from those stars created the planets. Finally, once the sparks cooled, on one it began to rain and rain and rain and rain until many of the craters and valleys were full of water.
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I completely disagree. >:(
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I completely disagree.
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The well-held model for the creation of the Universe is the Big Bang, which is a misnomer, and actually named as such as a joke. When people hear the phrase "Big Bang" they think of an explosion, originating from a center and expanding in a sphere, which is not how the Big Bang happened. It all starts with a singularity, a single point that contained all of the energy that created our universe. There was no space, no time, no matter, no universe, just the singularity. Then, in an instant, all of the energy was released. It expanded everywhere (within the finite confines of the newly formed universe) all at once (within the confines of the newly created "time"), and the universe was formed. This has caused a lot of head scratching with cosmologists. Namely: How could the universe have had such low entropy to begin with? The formation of the universe went from chaotic to ordered, and in the observable world this usually happens in reverse. Many cosmologists now speculate in the possibility, or even the certainty, of multiple universes. Taking this idea into a "parenting" model, it helps to explain the entropy problem. Many cosmologists believe that our universe was born out of another universe dying, and eventually when our universe dies, it will give birth to a new universe.
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I do not know much about the science involved in the big bang theory. But whether you think it was a big bang of a god speaking it into existence you still need to answer the question of where matter came for who or what produced the matter for the big bang.  Conversely, if god did it then where did he come from who made him. I assume most people have already ask themselves this question. Some people will refer to the Biblical passage that says " I am that I am" but that does not explain anything. I suppose I look at it like Midnite113 I am just glad to be here and hopefully for the long run...."All of mans science is primitive and child like although it is the most precious thing we have." Albert Einstein
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Keith Old
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Thanks Socrates.
ash lee
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Nobody made God. He is eternal- without beginning and without end. If you think about it  the big bang theory doesn't make any sense either. i mean come on. Do you really think that there was a big bang and all of a sudden there was a world and a universe full of planets and stars? The chances of that happening are the same as the chances that if you put a broken watch in a paper bag and shake it, it will put itself back together.
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I believe God made everything. Genesis 1:1 : "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Going on, it says, "The earth was empty and without form. The Holy Spirit hovered over the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light!" And there was light." He made Adam from dust, then decided he needed a helper. So God brought all the animals in which He had made to Adam, and Adam named every single one of them. But none of them were suitable enough. So God put Adam in a deep, deep sleep and took out a rib. From the rib He made another gender. When Adam woke up, he saw the new being and called her a woman, for she was made from man. God named her Eve. There were two special trees in the Garden of Eden: The tree of Innocence and the Tree of knowledge. The tree of knowledge made you know right from wrong, so you would no longer be innocent, like a baby. One day a serpent went to Eve and said, "Did God tell you not to eat from that tree?" She said, "I must not eat from it." The serpent said, "That's because He knows that once you eat the fruit from it, you will be like Him. You will know good from evil."
Eve took a bite of the restricted fruit. Immediately she knew right from wrong. She was so suprised, she went to see Adam and he took a bite. Immediately they realized they were naked, so they sewed fig leaves together for clothes.That evening when God came to talk to them, they hid. They knew they had disobeyed God. When they finally came out, God asked, "Why did you hide from me?" Adam answered, "I was naked. I was ashamed." God said, "How did you know that? Did you eat from the tree that I have commanded you not to?" Adam tried to blame it on Eve. "She brought the fruit to me. She made me eat it." God turned to Eve. "Why did you make Adam eat from the fruit when I told you not to take from that tree?" Eve blamed it on the serpent. "He tricked me into eating it." So God went to the serpent and punished him. "You will be considered an evil animal. Forever you will crawl on your belly and eat the dust. You will bite the farmer's ankle and he will step on your head. Women shall avoid you!" So the serpent was punished. God also said to Eve, "When you give birth, you shall have great pain!" He also punished Adam. "You will work so hard you'll sweat as you try to grow food and the land will not be good!" Then He banished them from the Garden of Eden, which was guarded by fire and angels.
That is how things came to be, and I strongly believe in it.
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"Why There Almost Certainly Is a God" by Keith Ward  (philosopher-theologian) explains how, why the universe came to be.  The book is alittle deep, but clears up all questions about "who made God", "who made God that made God", when time started, how the fuse was lit for the big bang, multiverses, etc.   
(I've read this other places):   God never came to be, He always existed,  His existence is inexplicable to us.   (and): Only four ways the universe is here....1. It's always been here,  2. Has not always been here [big bang?]...3.  It's not really here, you just think it is, it's all in your mind,...4. God's Creation.    No other possibilities!
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God is how it came to be. End of story.
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That depends on what story U believe...What religion U are. Or if your an atheist/antagonist. Take your pick. We all have our own opinions. As for me....I'm just glad I'm here, hopefully, for the long run. I tend to be skeptical about most stories anyway.
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Nobody knows but many, many people have strong opinions.
Whether or not your opinion is understood by you as fact is usually based upon whether your perspective is faith driven versus evidence driven.
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Hi Keith.The scientists say that it was the "big bang",and before that there was nothing,absolutely nothing.No stars,not even "space" for stars to be in,but they cannot tell us "why",there was a "big bang".I'm not a creationist,and don't believe in Adam and Eve.I have to say though,that i think there is a Supreme Being who made the "Big Bang".
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The Big Bang Theory ?? Was It Caused By  Mixing 40,000 Gallons Of Nitroglycerin 8,000 Sticks Of Dynamite And A Giant FlameThrower? No Really.. How Did The Big Bang Even Happen? Something Must Have Collided With Something Else... But If No One Was Around To See It.... Did It Happen?? Aren't Scientists Guessing??
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The universe was, is and always will be. Your question is not unique, I'm sure it has been asked for eons and will go unanswered for eternity.
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I guess it may depend on whether you are of scientific or religious leanings, for many.  I'm afraid it's over my head!
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LoL, it was not done in one day people. Billions of years can change many objects. Things can grow and some can collide and explode. Making more and more. I do not believe one mighty god made everything.

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