How has japan become an economic giant despite their lack of natural resources?


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Japan has imported the materials they need back into the 1920s and 1930s. They imported much steel and aluminum scrap during this time. It is serious joking they imported scrap steel and aluminum from the USA and shot it back at us during WWII. Back then before WWII people, especially in the USA, didn't consider the Japanese very intelligent. But very intelligent they are.
Ray kind of missed the dates saying the 1960s as they started producing cheap toys and nick-nacks of all kinds right after WWII and exported them mainly to the USA to help rebuild their economy. They gradually moved into other areas of manufacture until they are the industrial giant they are today. Yet they still import most all their raw materials. Almost all the oil from Alaska is contracted from the oil companies from a 100 year contract with Japan.
Something most Americans do not know is how close Japan was to having their atomic bomb at the time of their surrender. The USA and world waited and wondered why after the second atomic bomb dropped on Japan they did not immediately surrender. They were about to ignite their first Atomic bomb test. If it had not failed they would have continued the war.
Never under estimate the Japanese or the Chinese and their capabilities!
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It started in the 1960s when they started to produce and export, a lot of cheap clothing and plastic items, toys and suchlike. In the 70s that continued, and they they also started to move into the motor bike industry in a big way, making them very cheaply. Also made cars lots of cheap plastic, other Countries could not compete with this, and still can't.Then of course there is there electonics industries, just look at the amount tv's, vidios, disk players,computers and other electrical gadgets that are made in Japan.They were very clever, to take over export markets in the way they did.

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