Can you give me list of at least 15 scientists who contributed greatly in the field of medicine and health?


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Emil Adolf von Behring  GERMANY 1901

Sir Ronald Ross UNITED KINGDOM 1902

Niels Ryberg Finsen DENMARK 1903

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov RUSSIA 1904

Robert Koch GERMANY 1905

Robert Koch ITALY 1906

Santiago Ramón y Cajal SPAIN 1906

Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran FRANCE 1907

Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov RUSSIA 1908

Paul Ehrlicj Germany 1908

Emil Theidor Kocher Switzerland 1909

Albrecht Kossel Germany 1910

Allvar Gullstrand Sweden 1911

Alexis Carrel France 1912

Charles Richet France 1913

Robert Barany Austria 1914

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