What Is The Eye Of A Hurricane?


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The eye of the hurricane is the center of the hurricane. It is the calmest part of the whole hurricane. This is because of the centripetal force that governs the circular movement of the hurricane. This force prevents the violent winds to reach this area. This is in turn because the outside of the hurricane has great pressure and this causes the air to be sucked out of the center, leaving it calm and pleasant. The stronger the storm is, more calm is the eye. The intensity of the hurricane is measured by meteorologists by measuring the pressure of the eye.
The winds, however, reach as close to the center as they can and this forms the eye wall of hurricanes. Eye walls are the most violent area of the hurricanes. The eye wall surrounds the eye on all circular fronts and has the heaviest winds and thunderstorms throughout.

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The centre of the hurricane is called the "eye" of the hurricane. Ironically it is the calmest part of the hurricane. In fact people who have been in the centre of a hurricane say that suddenly there is this calm and the sky clears up, however once the hurricane moves then the calm is replaced by the whipping winds and furor of the storm again. Because the hurricane is spinning and moving it creates a centrifugal force which is projected outwards. This effectively blocks the high velocity winds from entering the centre of the hurricane, leaving the centre relatively calm.

The "eye" of the hurricane is surrounded by high speed winds which form a wall and hence is called the "eye wall". This is the most fierce part of the hurricane and is responsible for causing storm surges and the wide spread destruction which is prevalent with hurricanes.

Meteorologists use the pressure changes in the "eye" to monitor the strength of a hurricane; the lower the pressure in the "eye" the more severe the hurricane.
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The "eye" of a hurricane is the middle part. It is the very center such as the middle of your room and the walls and stuff would be the outside.

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