Why Is Biology Important?


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Biology is the study of life. It is considered as an important branches of science because in biology all major aspects of life are studied. Biology plays a very important role in medicines because through the study of diseases the cures and preventions are discovered. Biology also helps in the study of all the organisms found in the universe and it also helps in classifying the organisms (Taxonomy). All phenomenons of life are studied under this branch of science therefore, we can say that biology is a very important field of study in understanding the complexity of life.
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Following are the examples:
- Biology is essentially the study of Human organs and life. If there was no biology people would have been suffering from disease.
- There would not have been any knowledge of animals and their usefulness to us, if there was no biology.
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Biology is the study of life
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Biology is important for satisfying our need of curosity to know about the existing and existed life forms in universe and nothing else

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