What Is The Importance Of Chemistry To Marine Engineers?


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Chemistry is important to marine engineers as it gives them a better knowledge base to be able to carry out the varied tasks required in their job role. Although this is not the only area they will need to have knowledge in.

As well as an understanding and background in chemistry, marine engineers also need to have knowledge of the following fields:
  • Physics
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Mathematics, especially the use of equations including algebra and geometry)
The reason marine engineers need to have such a wide knowledge base is because the role requires them to carry out a whole range of jobs on board a ship or large vessel while at sea. This could range from fixing a toilet to fixing the heating system on the ship.

Those who want to become a marine engineer can choose to study at a university or a college on a course that specifically deals with some of the knowledge bases that would prepare the individual for a role in this field.

Although the contents of each marine engineering course will vary from one university or college to another, the main principles will remain the same. Students are likely to study the following topics which will incorporate knowledge of chemistry and the other fields mentioned above:
  • Electronics
  • Strengths of materials
  • Material engineering
  • Hydraulics

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