Could humans ever live on jupiter?


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First of all, Jupiter has a gravitational field that is 2.54 times that
on Earth (i.e., 100 pounds on Earth would weight 254 pounds on Jupiter)
at or near the surface. Jupiter has a day that is about 9 hours and 50 minutes.  It also is has a
diameter of almost 89,000 miles.  Because of that, it has huge storms
constantly going on all around the surface, with the most intense storms
being towards the center (equator).  Also, because of that, it has a
very strong magnetic field. The temperature of Jupiter averages about -240°F, which is much too cold
for us to live in.  We would need permanent shelter (no lying on the
frozen beaches). To live on Jupiter, we would have to find a way to live far enough from
the surface to reduce our weight to a manageable amount (high in the
atmosphere).  That would probably be thousands of miles over the
surface.  Also, it would be wise to locate civilization near the poles
to manage the effects of the storms and magnetic field. Assuming that we have technology to get to Jupiter, we would probably be
able to set up an orbiting space station.  Materials to build the
station and expand it could be harvested from the surface of Jupiter. 
The magnetic field could be used to harness electricity to power the
space station. I would say living on a space station would be like living in an
airport.  Transportation would be by walking or riding electric
vehicles.  Housing would be built in, similar to hotel rooms. It would not be something I would enjoy

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