Where Is Poland?


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Poland is a central-European country and is located at the southern end of the Baltic Sea. It has Germany to its west,  Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to the east,the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to the
south, and the Russian Federation and the Baltic Sea to the north.
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Poland formally known as the Republic of Poland is a Nation based in Central Europe. It shares its land border with Germany to the west, Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Ukraine as well as Belarus to the east and has the Baltic Sea, Russia and Lithuania to the north.

According to the census conducted in the year 2002 the total area of this country was 312,683 square kilometres, and the population was estimated at 38,530,080. The census report even stated that the average density was 121.9 per square kilometre. Warsaw is the capital of Poland.

The official language of this country is polish and it has a Parliamentary Republic Government. Poland is said to be the 69th largest country in the whole world.
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In Asia in the west side next to germany.
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Poland? Now it is almost everywhere! I don't mean country itself, I mean Polish emigration - especially the recent one. Poles spread all over the Europe after year 2004.

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