Where Is Benidorm?


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Beni Dorm , originally Beni Djorhom name that refer to honorable Arabs tribes who were originally from north of the actual Yemen, who served as krone Keeper of The Queen Balqis Queen of Saba, and Beni Djorhom are those who gave a wife to Ismaeil Son of Abraham (Peace on Them) and Hager, second wife of Abraham, when they first setteled in Mecca , in order to maintain Ismail and his Mother Hager in Mecca and share the part of the Holly water of Zemzem. They (Beni Djorhom) BeniDorm are one of the origin of arabs , and when they laughched Islam in the world , arabs and muslim now , proove them respect by naming Sites , names of sons and villages names and even Towns at the name of beni Dorm.

You can find them mostely in Asia , ex USSR republics and in Spain ex Andalous.
Now there a City ; modenr at the east of Alicante etc... But Béni Borm (Beni Djorhom are still living in Yemen and they are one of the honored tribes in Yemen and very respected Muslim world , so that they can have any privilèges and nationality in any part of Muslim world. and especially saudi Arabia , one of them is the Family of Ben Ladin one of Honorable tribes orininally from Yemen , and Saudi Arabia.

Geographically, Beni Dorm the original and oldest is the name of a arab tribes, who are still living in the north west of Yemen, and geographically, they live in the area called Hadramout.
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Benidorm is a Valencian coastal town that lies in the comarca of Marina Baixa, in the regions of Alicante, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. It covers a total land area of 38.5 square kilometers. It is one of main holiday spots in Spain. The tourist industry started in 1960's, when it was a really very small fishing town. However, today it does have a number of hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers, which was managed out of the tourist economy it earned. The main attracted beaches here are Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, which are highly recognised by the European Union.

The main attractive event of this place is the Benidorm International Song Festival. It is celebrated every summer, ever since 1959. It is a song contest where you also have the famous Spanish as well as international celebrities perform .to name a few are Julio Iglesias, Raphael or El Dúo Dinámico. Some of the best recreational theme parks that you can relax at throughout the year are Terra Mítica, Terra Natura, Aqualandia and Mundomar.
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Benidorm is on the East coast of spain, between valencia and alicante. It's in the Costa Blanca, the most visited Costa in Spain.
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Benidorm is a big island in spain x x

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