What Is The Name Of The Desert Situated In Poland?


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Poland is a country situated in Eastern Europe; the country's only desert is the Bledowska Desert located in the Silesian Industrial Area in Silesia in the southern part of the country; the desert extends for a distance of 9 km and is 4 km wide covering an area of 32 sq km.

However recently vegetation has sprung up in the area leading to the size of the desert diminishing to some extent; according to some theories the desert was created due to large scale urbanization in the area while other theories estimate that the desert was always in existence in the area since ancient times.

Phenomena commonly seen in deserts around the world like mirages, oases and sand storms have been observed in the area in the past albeit on a small scale. A series of hills near the desert have made the area a favored place of paragliders and the activity is much pursued in the region.

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