What Is The Climate In Poland?


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It is a tropical
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Poland in short has a very temperate climate. The weather here is cold, cloudy, moderately rigorous winters and calm summers with regular showers and thunderstorms. The summer here are very hot and the winters are generally are wet, cold and dreary. Rainfall is well disseminated throughout the year with summer receiving the maximum rainfall. During the winters it receives good amount of snowfall.

Every month offers you some kind of climate that you could enjoy. If you like skiing then the best time is December to April. From May to June you could enjoy the flower world. You will see loads of poppies, cornflowers and daisies. If you would like to visit this place when there are few tourists around then the best time is October when the weather is mild. In fact the Poland attracts a lot of tourist between the months of May to September.
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The weather doesnt cold and cloudly, and compleatly not moderately rigorous! Im from poland actually, and here is not too hot, but quite nice. And i dont know what do ypu mean thunderstorms, have you ever be in poland?
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Climate in Poland is nice.I visiting Poland every year since 2001,usually in the summer.,I'm staying always for 2 months,because summer is so comfortable,dry ,sunny,not to hot,and many events happening,good fresh with out hormones food.Many excellent restaurant are affordable,variety of cuisine from all over the world.Most important thing is,there is very clean everywhere.People are friendly and very helpful,I'm certainly not bored in Poland and not my daughter,she enjoys Poland as well.
Winter are not that bad ,sometimes rainy but most of the time snowy.but not that cold everybody thinks,because the air is dry doesn't feel that cold.Personally I hate rain I rather prefer snow.

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