What Is The Average Rainfall Of Tokyo?


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Tokyo receives heavy rainfall mainly in central Tokyo and Yokohama. It generally pours in central Tokyo in mid summer. The latest records claim that the highest rainfall was recorded in the month of September, which is approximately 216mm, then followed by in the month of October with 194mm, June 176 mm, August 148 mm, May 144mm, July 136mm, April 129mm, March 106mm, November 96mm, February 71mm, December 54mm and January 50 mm.
Tokyo has four divergent seasons namely, summer, winter, spring and autumn. The summer seasons come during the months of June, July and August which is generally hot and sticky. The best time to visit the place is around spring and autumn.
Sources claim that heavy rainfall will gradually increase, due to global warming. However, central Tokyo being highly localised is already facing seems global-scale changes such as the global warming. This is happening due to the increase in anthropogenic heat emission in the city. If the atmosphere is heated, the clouds are inclined to enlarge further due to which there is more active convection, causing heavy rainfall more frequently.
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It depends on the month. They say rainy season is in June but there is tsunami season in the fall and honestly it seems to rain all the time here except in winter.

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