How To Convert Price Per Foot To Price Per Meter?


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Khalid Labadie answered

if you like estimating its about 3 feet in a meter, so 3*3.24, but if your more exact, try using the conversion number for feet to meters, then multiply your price by the conversion number.If you are need to know more about Price Per Foot To Price Per Meter conversions then use this Conversion Calculator.

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Vincent Davis answered
First you will need the following conversion factor as follows:

1_meter is approximately 3.28_ft, therefore this conversion factor must be used as follows: 1_meter/3.28_ft or 3.28_ft/1_meter

You must use units in the conversion factor above that will allow the units of the conversion factor to cancel arriving at Price/1_meter, this can be done as follows:

Price/1_ft to Price/1_meter=3.28 * Price/1_ft.

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