What Are Three Functions Of Your Bloodstream?


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The blood stream is actually an organ.  The blood is part of the Hematologic system, heme- is the root word and I believe is latin.  Heme is the component that has iron which binds oxygen and allows transportation of the oxygen into the red blood cell.  The red blood cell carries oxygen to the tissues releases the oxygen.  Hematology is the study of the blood system.   Blood is produced in bone marrow.  Not all bone marrow makes blood.  Some bones are actually filled with fat and this is referred to fatty marrow.  

The hematologic system is responsible for circulating not only oxygen but , waste products, lymphatic fluid, nutrition, blood clotting factors, these are just a few of many functions the blood system does.  Besides red, there are a number of different types of immunoglobulins or immuimne cells.  Each has a different way to attact an invading organism that is a threat to the host or our body.  Blood clotting factors are also circulating in the blood fluid and when they sense cetain hormones then the blood clotting cascade as it is called is set into motion.  Lymphatic fluid is the abundant fluid also referred to as Plasma which helps provide volume to the 'circulatory system' ie. Meaning to circulate or move around.  

Hematology s a very complex specialty of medicine.  The blood forming marrow produces  cells.  The celkl is called a 'stem' cell and it is essentially a blank slate, it's fate is not determined and is utilized in various treatments usually for cancer to rebuild the blood when a bone marrow transplant is medically necessary for certain cancers and other illnesses.    Stem cells are the cell actually produced by the marrow.  Other complex chemical actions/responses etc...will allow the body to determine what type of a cell the stem cell will become.  

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I read this blog carefully and it's help me to known about the bloodstream. Now I am  recognize that the bloodstream is a very essantial part of our body/blood.

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