My Aloe Vera plant is turning white, what can I do to help my plant?


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You plant may be getting too much sunlight

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You don't mention which part of your aloe plant is white - aloe plants are meant to have white spots or stripes on them.

If it is the flesh of the stem that is white, then this is actually normal in aloe vera plats too. It's when the plant's flesh starts turning black, or if the aloe plant shows signs of withering that you need to worry!

There are a couple of other reasons why your aloe plant might be turning white:

  1. It could be going through a "phase". Certain types of aloe are known to become discolored through the winter months, due to a lack of sunlight.
  2. Certain types of fungus can grow on aloe plants, and may also leave white marks on the plant.

    If you suspect this is the case, it's best to speak with someone at your local garden center.

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