How Do I Replant A Broken Off Aloe Vera Plant?


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Break of a piece at the bootom of the shaft and stick it into the potting soil. Water it and then just water enough to keep the soil a little wet, not like a reg house plant, just a little. Put it at a window and watch it grow. Mine are in the spare bathroom tub with the shower curtain pulled and the blinds open for light, not pulled up just the slates opened. GOD BLESS youthmom
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My aloe plant fell off the shelf and broke in half. How do I get it to start going again?
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My aloe is four feet tall. Can I cut it at the trunk,and repot the portion I cut off?
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You can't cultivate from the leaves, you have to wait for off shoots from the parent plant.

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Propagate from small, rooted offshoots at the base of the parent plant. It may be grown from seed. It prefers a rough, gritty growing medium and a well-drained, sunny location. It will also grow in partial shade. Aloe needs temperatures above 40 degrees, and is grown indoors in cooler climates. When grown indoors the offshoots can be removed and reportted when they are a few inches tall. Do not overwater.thats it!!
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Aloe Vera is one of the most popular plants both for indoors and outdoors. It is very simple to replant a leave of Aloe Vera plant. You can regrow the offshoots of the plant called the pups, they tend to grow around the base of the plant. So be careful to break them off. Take them out gently when they are 3-4 inches long and replant them like any other plant in a separate pot.

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