How To Revive An Aloe Vera Plant Found Laying Outside The Soil With Damaged Roots?


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Xica Chin answered
Aloe Vera plants are desert plants, so they are resilient, easy to grow.  Get a cool terracota pot and put compost, dirt and maybe sand in there.  Replant your plant and water it regularly.  Don't plant it on the ground because it won't be chunky and full like it should be, it will lay all over and be flat.  Aloe is great for sunburns, cuts, and if you drink the jelly (cut up in pieces, floating in lemonade or some other juice) it cleans your liver, fatty liver or skin problems, such as vitiligo.  I looove Aloe's great as a moisturizer and for your hair too!
I hope this helps!  Just replant it!

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